Open Kitchen Science

Independent scientists and scholars pursuing non-traditional approaches to research.

About Open Kitchen Science 

We are a society for independent scientists and scholars, women and men, who are pursuing non-traditional approaches to research. Many of us carry out independent research alongside our post-academic careers. We believe that following the principles of Open Kitchen Science will ultimately have a positive effect on the reproducibility, quality and inclusivity of science and scholarship. 

Open Kitchen Science

Open Kitchen Science is first and foremost about sharing. We are convinced that the purpose of science is to increase our collective knowledge, and by doing so to make the world a better place. Sharing with other researchers and sharing with the general public. 

We can increase the efficiency of this process if we share freely – our data, protocols, methods, findings, and yes, negative results! Replication and peer review are important, but with open access and transparency in mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite, support and strengthen scientists and scholars who want to incorporate non-traditional forms of academic research in their career paths. We are interested in developing new approaches and models for performing and disseminating research along with identifying alternative measures of academic impact that fall outside of the traditional methods and processes. Ultimately we aim to support impactful research through open collaboration and show that being a researcher can continue beyond the walls of the academic institutions.  

Founding of Open Kitchen Science

The concept for Open Kitchen Science was initiated by Rosanne Hertzberger who performs research following the principles of Open Kitchen Science and publishes her findings on RebLab. She writes about Open Kitchen Science in her Open Kitchen Science log

Twitter @ryhertzberger

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